The e-mail that started it all …

I’m contemplating what all I’m going to share. You see, when Aaron and I first met, e-mail was a thing and texting was not. So, with us having somewhat of a long-distance relationship, our courtship was forever recorded in the form of e-mails. Some of it is really, really sappy, so I warn you now. I still can’t decide if I will share it all, so you’ll have to wait and see. I do want to share the e-mail that started it all. I remember the very day that I received it in my inbox.

On that day, God and I were having ongoing discussions about whether or not I could trust him with my “love” life, which was non-existent. Up until then, I had been the one in control of that, or so I thought. But on that day in January, I surrendered it to Him. I said, “God, you have been my Father my whole life, and now if it is your will, I ask you to arrange a marriage for me. I’m getting out of the way and I’m trusting you.” (It wasn’t exactly word for word like that, but you get the gist.) I prayed that prayer to God in the dormitory bathroom at Cedarville College and then I returned to my dorm room. I went straight to my computer and checked my email. This was in my inbox:


(January 1999)

Hi! I’m not sure if you remember me or not. You’d probably recognize my face. I think we’ve had a couple Bible courses together. My maiden name was Amanda R.. (look me up in the yearbook, if you don’t remember me.) This past summer I got married, and now I am Amanda W. Anyway, I gave you this background on me so that you wouldn’t think that I’m some strange person who is trying to pull a fast one.

Now for the reason that I’m writing….My husband and I have a good friend by the name of Aaron Deal. Aaron, originally was going to come to Cedarville, but ended up that he couldn’t afford to. Aaron lives and works in the Dayton area. Aaron is sold out for God, and actively helps at this church in West Milton, OH. Aaron loves to sing, and wants to pursue church music or something with missions. Basically, he’s a nice guy. : ) He is very funny, but can get a little crazy at times. He has a wonderful heart, and would bend over backwards for anyone if they needed something….I really am getting to the point of the e-mail…. My husband and I invited Aaron to come to the Philips, Craig and Dean concert. Well, at the concert Aaron, noticed a lovely girl who was singing in the front row of the choir. That girl being you. He said to me, “do you know who that girl is in the front row, at the end?” I proceeded to tell him who you were, as he proceeded to gaze at you. The subject got brought up that he should go introduce himself, or at least talk to you, however this did not occur because Aaron lacks confidence. He kept saying, “She has to have some guy who’s interested in her.” I told him I didn’t know if you were seeing anyone. Aaron made the comment that if he did talk you the first thing out of his mouth would be, “You’re strikingly beautiful, you took my breath from across the room.” He’s pretty romantic as you can see. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have an admirer. Let me know if you’d ever be interested in being set up on a date, or even a double date. Or, if you’d like Aaron’s e-mail address to simply correspond. If you’d like to know what Aaron looks like I could scan a picture. I don’t want to pressure you, but every girl likes to hear when a guy thinks she is beautiful, and Aaron certainly things you are.

Have a good day!

Amanda W.


I don’t remember everything that went through my brain after reading the e-mail, but the words “sold out for God” stood out to me. I realized then that was what my heart desired and how God knows me so much better than I know myself!

Read the rest of the e-mails HERE



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