Strange Teachings About the Curse Finally Debunked (Genesis 4:7 and 3:16)

Growing up, I was taught to investigate any “strange” teachings. Lately, I have been confronted with a teaching that I had never heard of before concerning a very familiar passage in the Bible, Genesis 3:16, better known as the curse on Eve. At my church growing up, we primarily used the King James Version of the Bible, so I was not exposed to any of the new translations that presented an alternate meaning of the curse based on similarities found in Genesis 4:7 and its use of the word “desire”. So, it was with the goal of investigation that this journey began. The results surprised even me.

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The E-Mails: Part 2 “The First Date”

Read “The E-Mail That Started It All” HERE

From: “Jennifer Jolene Abas”
Date: Tues, 02 Feb 1999 00:51:34

Subject:  Re: Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, 😦

A?,. . . Aar?,. . . Aary?,. . . Aaro?, . . . .Aarrrrrrrronnnn?
Which do you prefer? 🙂 🙂 (jk)
There aren’t as many nicknames to find in your name. 🙂

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The E-Mails: Part 1 “Getting Stood Up”


Mandy Wolfe has informed Aaron that she sent the first email to me (see The E-mail That Started it All). She also informs him that I have not responded to the email yet. There is a huge winter storm and Wednesday services are cancelled at Aaron’s church. Aaron and his friend *****, hear that John MacArthur is speaking at Cedarville for the Bible conference so they decide to drive out there to hear him speak. Aaron immediately sees me sitting in the second pew in the center of the auditorium. After the chapel ends, I sit and talk with two of my friends about their upcoming wedding. The conversation is very, very long and eventually, the only people left in the auditorium are me, my friends, and Aaron. At one point Aaron looks down at his Bible, when he looks back up, I am gone. He quickly sees that I am walking toward the back doors that I had disappeared into last time. He rushes towards me and yells, “Jenny!” I turn and he proceeds to explain who he was and then he says “You are strikingly beautiful and you took my breath away from across the room”. We then exchanged e-mail addresses.)

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Biography of Frances Havergal

Quotes from Frances Havergal:

“I suppose that God’s crosses are often made of most unexpected and strange material. Perhaps trial must be felt keenly, or it would not be powerful enough as a medicine in the hands of our beloved Healer”

“Then, too, the ‘all for Jesus’ comes in; one sees there is no half way, it must be absolutely all yielded up, because the least unyielded or doubtful point is sin, let alone the great fact of owing all to Him.”

“If one only searches there are such extraordinary things in the Bible!”

“He has granted me to rejoice fully in His will, I am not conscious of even a wish crossing it; I do really and altogether desire that His will may be done, whatever it is.”

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“It wasn’t Jesus’ love for us that led Him to the cross”

Now that I have your attention, the real title of this blog entry is “Obedience”.

But…. Ugh…. who likes the word Obedience? Especially when you think of it in relation to Christianity, God and the church. For some people it might conjure up memories of an overly constricting religion with a litany of rules that no one could ever keep and judgmental eyes constantly watching. And, frankly, if you’re like me, you simply just don’t like being told what to do. Can I get an “Amen”?

But, like it or not, obedience is an issue that needs to be discussed. In fact, as I have been considering this word these last few months, I have come to the conclusion that from the beginning of creation, all God ever desired from us is our obedience, an allegiance to Him born out of a love for Him that places Him far above everything else in our heart.

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The e-mail that started it all …

I’m contemplating what all I’m going to share. You see, when Aaron and I first met, e-mail was a thing and texting was not. So, with us having somewhat of a long-distance relationship, our courtship was forever recorded in the form of e-mails. Some of it is really, really sappy, so I warn you now. I still can’t decide if I will share it all, so you’ll have to wait and see. I do want to share the e-mail that started it all. I remember the very day that I received it in my inbox.

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